When purchasing a laptop, most people look for things such as battery life, portability, and screen size. However, what about other critical features that come with notebooks? With notebook black Friday deals, you are likely to get a good laptop at a fair price. These are some of the important features you need to pay attention to when buying a notebook.

Easy-Open Lid

The display of the notebook is quite important. A vital aspect to consider is the display hinge. Ideally, most notebooks tend to be stiff such that you need to hold the chassis and then open the lid. Look for a notebook with a hinge design that makes it possible to open the lid with one hand. Ensure you read reviews to find out about the hinge design.

Location of Ports

Many people buying notebooks forget to look at the location of the ports. If you like using a mouse, then you should pay attention to the location of ports on the notebook. For instance, if you are left-handed and the ports are located on the left side, then cords are likely to cause some inconveniences. You can avoid such inconvenience by using a wireless mouse.

Also, knowing the location of the ports makes it easier to use your notebook. The truth is that ports located on the notebook are practical as they are easily visible.

USB Type C

You can agree that USB Type C is gaining a lot of popularity because of its reversibility. In fact, it is concerned about the future of computer ports. That is because it is convenient to use, and it is likely to replace the HDMI port. Also, if your notebook has support for Thunderbolt 3, it can support the external graphics. That makes it great for gamers as they do not have to be concerned about upgrading the graphics card for their notebooks.

Although it is not a must for the notebook to have Type-C, it is worth considering getting it for the notebook. That is the case if you are going to use your notebook for many years.

Power Adapter

Most people overlook the power adapter when purchasing a notebook. It is advisable to consider a power adapter that is easy to transport and small in size. What is the point of purchasing a thin notebook with a large power adapter? You should note that gaming laptops come with large power adapters. That is because the large size is needed to supply the power requirements.

Backlit Keyboard

Nowadays, most laptop buyers are looking for backlit keyboards. However, not all notebooks out there have this feature. Ensure you check the specifications before you order your notebook. If the description does not indicate it has a backlit keyboard, you should note assume it has. Most gaming laptops come with backlit keyboards.

Media Controls

Nowadays, it is rare to find notebooks with dedicated playback and volume controls. You can enjoy this functionality through the keyboard shortcut. However, for some people, this can be inconvenient. Look for a notebook with media controls as it has better usability and can work well with any given notebook. They also give a tactile feel when using a laptop.


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